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Our partners-- Jay, Brandon, Steve, Ellen, and Danny-- were all born, raised, and currently reside in the Midwest. They take pride in their roots. Often, they would visit the coasts and discover a plethora of cool, modern residences, and they realized the Midwest lacked these housing options. They used this realization as inspiration and founded DEV Partners with the ambition to create beautiful, sustainable, and modern housing in the Midwest. DEV's background in Architecture and Real Estate pushes them toward beauty, aesthetics, creativity, form, and function.

DEV Partners creates vibrant communities and beautiful properties, foster lasting relationships, and generate significant returns for our investors. We operate on the above set of core values that are present within all of our project.

DEV's background in Architecture and Real Estate pushes them toward beauty, aesthetics, creativity, form, and function. Our leadership also provides coordination between DEV Partners and our strategic partner,
SHYFT, to provide support design, project management, and construction services. 

Our Process

We’re a real estate development and investment firm that works with investors who have the capital, but lack the time, energy, or knowledge to do this themselves.

We engage in projects and develop partnerships with investors through a capital raising process, then operate the asset for a set hold period.  The projects earn cash flow while we hold the properties (years 1-6) and then we’ll look to sell the portfolio after the hold period.  Buyers find this valuable because we’ve done all the hard work of finding, developing, designing, renovating, and stabilizing these properties.

If you are interested in learning more about DEV Partners opportunities, click HERE.

Meet The Team

Jay 2_edited.jpg

Jay DeVore
Founder, Managing Partner

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Ellen Broich

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Brandon Bailey
Portfolio Manager

Brandon Foldes, Licensed Broker (IA)
Managing Partner

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Danny 1_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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Danny Heggen
Director of Development & Investment, Partner

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Jennifer Tucker
Project Accountant

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Steve Reynolds, AIA, LEED AP

Jessie 2_edited_edited.jpg

Jessie Kintz, LEED AP BD+C
Project Development Manager

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Kylie R_edited.jpg

Kylie Richards
Project Accountant

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Logan Tate

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