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Multifamily Real Estate Investment

Beautiful Properties | Lasting Relationships | Vibrant Communities

What We Do

DEV Partners is a private equity investment firm that offers investment opportunities in real estate that creates long-term value for our investors and community at large. We invest strategically in underutilized assets, focusing on value-add opportunities that align with our five values and provide attractive returns.

Residential & Commercial Units

Assets Managed

Active Development Projects

Minimum Project Equity Multiple

Minimum Project IRR

In Equity Raised to Date


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Jay DeVore
CEO, Managing Partner


Brandon Foldes
Managing Partner


Steve Reynolds


Ellen Broich


Danny Heggen
Director of Development & Investment


Our leadership team comprises a dynamic group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise in the industry. With a shared passion for creating exceptional spaces, our team brings a wealth of experience in architecture, construction, acquisition, engineering, and investment management. Together, the team has collectively worked on nearly one billion dollars in real estate investment transactions, showcasing our dedication and success in delivering outstanding results.

Why Invest in Real Estate with DEV Partners?

We believe in investing with conviction, utilizing our expertise and partnerships to generate attractive returns for our investors in the Ohio and Iowa markets. Our properties are self-managed by our very own DEV Communities which provides control over our investment returns and tenant experience.

Quarterly Cash Flow
Real Estate produces periodic cashflow for investors which serves as passive income

Tax Advantages
Real Estate tax advantages include deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation

Zero Liability
As a limited partner (LP), you have no liability with loans / lending

Passive Income
As a limited partner (LP), you receive income from the real estate deals while we perform all the work

As a tangible asset, real estate can preserve purchasing power and serve as an inflation hedge

You can leverage real estate, which allows for magnification of purchase power and equity returns

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